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I do all the research and planning so my clients can just sit back and look forward to their trip. My services include:

  • A free get acquainted consultation to discuss your interests, wants and needs for your vacation.
  • Assistance in setting a realistic budget based on current costs for what you are looking for
  • Thorough research of the destination, activities and attractions you are interested in, securing the best value and price.
  • A professional itinerary proposal that exceeds your expectations by including “extras” you might not have thought about
  • Booking your trip and making all payments securely with only reputable suppliers
  • Tips, trick and practical knowledge for all aspects of our trip including; passports, foreign currency, local laws and customs info, weather, transportation and best safety practices
  • Follow up communication to answer and questions or concerns before or after your travel

Let's Get Acquainted!

Schedule a phone meeting with me using my convenient online scheduler.