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About Me

I am blessed to wake up every day and do what I love! After spending more than two decades as a CPA in private industry I made the move to a career that I am passionate about and it recharged my life. Having grown up in Mattapoisett Massachusetts, an amazing quintessential Cape Cod waterfront town, I had a natural affinity for all things water related. It was a natural fit for me to focus my business on what I love; beautiful luxurious destinations on or near the water where people can spend quality down time enjoying their family and friends.

I started planning vacations because I was Disney deprived as a child. Sounds silly but it’s true. My parents never took me to Disney World and I became obsessed! I discovered my love for researching and planning as an adult after my first trip to Disney World. While I had a great time, I couldn’t help but feel like I had missed so much, which bothered me because Disney vacations are expensive. So I decided to research and plan until I had it right. As my knowledge and expertise grew I started sharing my knowledge with friends and family to help them out.

Several years later I joined the agency of a close friend, as an independent agent. It wasn’t long until I realized I had found my calling, helping people enrich their lives and renew their spirit through travel. So I hit the books, so to speak, researching and learning about ocean cruises, European river cruises and luxurious tropical resorts.

I am blessed with a very outgoing, exuberant personality but what sets me apart from other Travel Concierge Services is my focus on my customers. While on my first cruise it hit me. It wasn’t necessarily the ship, the ports or the beautiful resort that made my vacation great, it was how I felt when I was on vacation. Having done the research and planning in advance I felt relieved, relaxed and stress free, I also felt cared for by the cruise staff and connected with my husband. I finally got it! The research and learning was necessary but finding out what was important to the client was top priority. Once I found out what the clients specific interests, likes, dislikes, wants and needs were I could match them to the perfect destination

Because I am able to ask questions and listen to my clients, unlike an internet travel booking site, I am able to get to the heart of what my client wants. I love getting to know my clients. I cultivate trust with my clients by staying in contact with them and keeping the lines of communication open as a running dialogue until all the pieces and parts of the trip are decided. My clients refer me to their family, friends and colleagues because they know me, they like me and they trust me.

Let me connect with you so I can provide you with the best options for your perfect vacation that allows you to truly vacate your everyday life, relax and enjoy yourself.

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